Lots of activities go on in the Reading Room; most weekday nights are busy.

For the most up to date information see listings on the home page

Sewing Circle
Meets Mondays from 2 to 4 for craft and conversation


Pilates is an exercise method which was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s.
Pilates focuses on breathing, posture and body awareness.

Table Tennis:

An active local league team think this is one of the best local venues for table tennis.

Wiki Cafe

6 Saturdays in Winter and a few Saturdays during summer. A great time to catch up with people. Proceeds each year go to a different humanitarian charity.

Birthday Parties / Receptions:

When the invitation list gets big this is the ideal place to celebrate.

Polling day:

A convenient location to let the govenment know your view.

Buttercross Club:

Monthly events that range from activities to guest speakers to crafts to outings. See notice board for current programme.

Broadband Internet Access

In the spirit of the Reading Room we are offering this service free to residents of Bainton & Ashton as a community resource to give information access to all.


Reading Room Committee:

The team that look after the day to day operation of the Reading Room.


Bainton Poor's Estate Trustees meeting:

This group act as guardians to the long term maintenance of the Reading Room. A registered charity, they earn income from a few local fields and invest this in the Reading Room and where possible supports in a modest way people of the village .

Charity Commission information (ref 256238)


Parish Council:

Your local government.
Meetings every month
For further information contact the Chair.

See their web pages on this site


Line Dancing:

Not running at the moment


Bainton Lectures:

Occasionally eminent guest speaker are invited to come to our village. Subjects have included Antarctica, MI5 and the Navy. For forthcomming events keep an eye on the notice board or on this site.